How are you today? Do you feel enough energy & focus to rock on your day and get all your things done?

Just contemplate for a few seconds, if you were to wake up tomorrow morning feeling just right, perfectly fit and healthy, mentally & physically, how would that be different from now? What are the things you would do then that you don’t do today?


My name is Raphaelle Hernu and I empower men and women struggling with energy to find within themselves the resources to boost their energy level and find the drive to reach their life and health goals.


For example, I help mid-life professionals to win back the energy and enthusiasm they used to have so they can refocus on their long term goals and create the life they want.

Or I help people with chronic fatigue, overweight, or other health conditions affecting their energy level to take back control of their physical and mental health so they feel empowered again and they can focus their energy on what matters most for them.

I also support my clients in dealing with specific situations such as an anxiety tied to a particular situation, like a fear of flying, a fear of public speaking, or a fear of giant slides in fun fairs!


In summary, by supporting my clients in reaching more physical and mental wellbeing, I  help them claim back their life and meet their goals


I work with my clients face to face in Telegraph Hill or in Central London, and I also work online.

I certified as an Integrative Health Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and Access Bars Practitioner.

I keep it simple and goal focused. I constantly seek for new research so you don’t have to spend your time looking for the recipes that work.



Why the name ShamelesslyHealthy .. 


.. because we all want to feel better in our body, our mind and our soul, whatever stage we are today doesn’t matter. What matters is the progression. We are not ashamed of our desires and value ourselves for our infinite potential.

.. because we don’t have a perfect body and that’s ok. We know self-love always shines out.

.. because we don’t always manage our emotions at best either and that’s ok too. We know the only way to be in peace with our emotions, and release stress & anxiety, is to face those emotions rather than to try to suppress them.

.. because we don’t feel selfish for taking care of ourselves as we know that being physically & emotionally fitter will put us in a better position to help others.

.. because we know we have just one body to carry us through our journey on Earth and we want to take care of it so we can live a fulfilling life and dream big.

.. because we’ve tried to follow all standards of health & nutrition but fitting in so far hasn’t fully work for us, we decided to fit out, to take care personally of our physical & mental health. And that’s ok to be different and search for our own needs to be met.





I met Raphaelle while I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally. We were both on an NLP training course and she gave a wonderful speech about how the right Nutrition had played a part in helping her become healthy. That was back in October 2017. My life has taken a 360 during […]


I did the last Shamelessly Healthy Circle and it was amazing. I”m so on track with my health kick and the shameless bit too. I’m not 100% there after a few days but I’m starting to notice my internal voice saying “oh don’t bother let’s do something easy”. I notice then I turn it around […]


— Habit maker-breaker – Raphaelle! Raphaelle has been very good at encouraging me to start a journey of habits discovery, good habits appreciation as well as encouraging me to develop and benefit from habits that support my health, wellbeing and feminine balance. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and drive was infectious and constructively persuasive as well as […]


This lady know and love what she does! If you want to find the reasons why you struggle and answers how to get out of that situation, you definitely should contact Raphael and make your dreams come true. Highly recommend!!!