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This programme includes 12 sessions of 60 min each, one session every other week, over 6 months, with supporting materials. All sessions are 1 to 1 with Raphaelle. They will take place in Telegraph Hill (nearest tube station New Cross Gate) or online, or in a location when previously agreed together.

By the end of the 6 months, if you commit to this programme, you will gain more physical and mental health, more energy and drive. You will have run into most of the situations that are currently preventing you to reach your life & health goals and you would have developed tools to overcome them.

The time of the first session is to set upon booking. Time of the following sessions will be agreed all upfront for the full programme.

A 24h cancellation policy applies. The programme is refundable on pro-rata basis till 7 days after the second session took place; it is not refundable afterwards. Sessions cannot be postponed 8 months after the first session took place.

£950 / programme

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This lady know and love what she does! If you want to find the reasons why you struggle and answers how to get out of that situation, you definitely should contact Raphael and make your dreams come true. Highly recommend!!!


Experienced Access Bar for the first time! Such an awesome experience, thank you!


— Habit maker-breaker – Raphaelle! Raphaelle has been very good at encouraging me to start a journey of habits discovery, good habits appreciation as well as encouraging me to develop and benefit from habits that support my health, wellbeing and feminine balance. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and drive was infectious and constructively persuasive as well as […]


I did the last Shamelessly Healthy Circle and it was amazing. I”m so on track with my health kick and the shameless bit too. I’m not 100% there after a few days but I’m starting to notice my internal voice saying “oh don’t bother let’s do something easy”. I notice then I turn it around […]