I want you to feel vibrant to live the life you want, and most of all, I want you to feel happy and shameless about it so you’ll become an inspiration to your family, friends & colleagues !

  • You can have an amazing resourceful body that is your best friend & asset, and that will support you while achieving your biggest dreams
  • You can create awesome relationships with your partner, your kids, and everyone really, as a result of feeling connected, confident and grounded
  • You can display your full energy and focus in your work, be super efficient
  • You can feel truly aligned, proud, empowered and resourceful

Reaching a high level of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual comfort is a journey and, as for any journey, it takes some time and it’s much more fun to enjoy it on the way rather than to live in expectation of a better outcome. Plus, there is no point expecting a better outcome if you don’t start being now that new you.

I want to warmly congratulate you for taking the time to look at this website. It means you are already investing time in yourself and you are getting ready to make changes in your life, this is truly awesome!


My name is Raphaelle. I believe that to induce change, we need to start doing things differently. I believe in the deep interconnectivity between our physical fitness and our emotional wellbeing. We are all connected and we all need support to make the transformation happens.

I empower men and women struggling with energy to find within themselves the resources to boost their energy level, find the drive to reach their life and health goals, and rock on in all areas of their lives.

In summary, by supporting my clients in reaching more physical and mental wellbeing, I  help them claim back their life and meet their goals.

Did I also tell you I believe in taking small steps towards big goals? Being physically and mentally fitter will not only give you back your energy and make you feel great in your body. It will also fill you up with a powerful sense of achievement and build up your confidence. Being healthier will make you feel ready for the next arena of your life, it will allow you to dream bigger and set up realistic achievable goals you would only have considered in your dreams before. This is where the transformation happens. And I feel so blessed when I can see it happening!


Who am I?

I’m also a mum to two gorgeous young kids living in South East London.

I love waking up early, exercise and enjoy the calm & stillness of the space to inspire me for the day.  That’s for my positive habits ! I also love holding my kids’ hands (they’re young enough to be ok with it still) bringing them to school and feel the warmth of their little hands. I love lively late talks, holidays with friends, and spending lot of time outside in nature, that’s how I resource and find inspiration.

My sweet spots – no health coach is perfect right – dark chocolate and red wine.





I’m an early bird and a late bloomer !

I have transitioned from a successful investment banking career in Paris in my 20s to another amazing career in wealth management in London in my 30s. To entrepreneurship now.

I also became a mother which was a life changing event in itself for me.

I am proud to say that I have empowered women for years now, first through DrivenWoman, a woman network where members define their own success, and now men also with my coaching practice.

I have healed from Hashimoto, an auto-immune disease affecting the thyroid; this journey was key in building my desire to help others in dealing with their own health & energy issues.





Many times, true change comes after a dramatic life event that pushes you to reflect on who and where you are and who and where you want to be, what you do and what you would love to do instead.

It is up to you to decide of your impact, your beliefs become your reality.

You can choose to keep living an “ok” life because it feels like this is the easiest option, at least at first. But what will it really cost you not to make a change? What would be different if ? How would you feel if you make the change?

True change doesn’t require courage at first, because let’s be honest, most of the time we impulse a change by necessity, when we face the wall, and when we are ready to change, because at some point the effort to change is less painful than keeping things the way they are. But I guarantee you that, if you decide to go for it, you’ll find & feel propelled by courage and pride along the way!

What true change really requires is being present, self-conscious, and it requires you to choose to go for it.  It also requires grit at the beginning to adopt new positive habits. You need to make a conscious choice that you want to change something in your life because you know you will gain more by transforming your life than by staying who you used to be.

No intention, no outcome, there is no magic bullet.

And true change requires support because nobody can make it by oneself. And here I am to support and accompany you in this journey with my kindness, my trust in you, my positive dynamic mindset, and my experience. Please contact me when you are ready.





This lady know and love what she does! If you want to find the reasons why you struggle and answers how to get out of that situation, you definitely should contact Raphael and make your dreams come true. Highly recommend!!!


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