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Breakthrough Session

If you don’t want to feel sluggish any longer and want to get your energy level and your overall health back on track, then it is time to take the first step to get there..

I’d love to support you and offer you a free 30-minute call to discuss your concerns.

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Single Session

Book this 60-minute session with Raphaelle to either:

  • progress your life or health goals
  • support your personal development or help you with any phobias or anxiety through NLP techniques
  • clear away energy locked up in areas or aspects of your life through Access Bars techniques

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6-Month Programme

This programme includes 12 sessions, one every other week, over 6 months.

By the end of the 6 months, you will have clarity about what to do to bring more health and energy into your life. You will have run into most of the situations that are currently preventing you to reach your life and health goals and you will have developed tools to overcome them.

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Raphaelle has been inspiring me for over a year now. Thanks to her gentle, respectful and truly stimulating approach, I have open my mind and eyes to so many news ways. I am so grateful and so lucky to have her guiding me.


I met Raphaelle while I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally. We were both on an NLP training course and she gave a wonderful speech about how the right Nutrition had played a part in helping her become healthy. That was back in October 2017. My life has taken a 360 duringContinue reading “Dionne”


Raphaelle is very creative and offers an abundance of information, tools, and resources. She walks the talk and creates a space of safety that allows your expression and transformation. I always feel that so much is ready to unfold. Give yourself the opportunity to work with Raphaelle as you will learn how to own your greatness.


Raph is an intuitive coach and supported me to overcome a long held limited belief. I was shocked that she managed to get me through and out of this in just 15 minutes! Very skilled, very thorough and a lovely person. Thank you, Raph

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