I met Raphaelle while I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally. We were both on an NLP training course and she gave a wonderful speech about how the right Nutrition had played a part in helping her become healthy. That was back in October 2017. My life has taken a 360 during the last 8 months and I credit a lot of that to the coaching Raphaelle has given me. She has the ability to use her NLP skills along with her nutritional knowledge in a way that the 2 go together hand in hand. Her gentle but strong and positive approach is just what I needed to get back on track. I am so grateful to the work she has been doing with me.


Raphaelle has been inspiring me for over a year now.
Thanks to her gentle, respectful and truly stimulating approach, I have open my mind and eyes to so many news ways.
I am so grateful and so lucky to have her guiding me.


— Habit maker-breaker – Raphaelle!
Raphaelle has been very good at encouraging me to start a journey of habits discovery, good habits appreciation as well as encouraging me to develop and benefit from habits that support my health, wellbeing and feminine balance. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and drive was infectious and constructively persuasive as well as supportive. Very pleased I gave the new way of looking at life a chance with Raphaelle as I feel I saved myself time, frustration and heartache. Trusting a professional with one’s life is not something I do often but now, I might even consider myself a convert. Thank you Raphaelle.